:: zastřešení kruhového bazénu :: FlexiFilter místo písku do pískové filtrace
Česky :: Überdachung des Rundpools :: FlexiFilter anstelle von Sand für die Poolfiltration
Deutsch :: roofing of the circular pool :: FlexiFilter instead of sand for pool filtration
English :: Couverture de la piscine circulaire :: FlexiFilter au lieu du sable pour la filtration de la piscine
Français :: Copertura della piscina circolare :: FlexiFilter al posto della sabbia per la filtrazione della piscina
Italiano :: a kör alakú medence tetőszerkezete :: FlexiFilter homok helyett a medence szűréséhez
Magyar :: zadaszenie basenu okrągłego :: FlexiFilter zamiast piasku do filtracji basenu
Polski :: zastrešenie kruhového bazéna :: FlexiFilter namiesto piesku pre bazénovú filtráciu

TROPIKO pool roofing is determined to cover above ground pools semi and fully inground pools.
TROPIKO roofing is designed for pools up to a diameter of 5.0 m.
Simple but at the same time solid construction makes the roofing of any size easy to handle.
TROPIKO roofing is available in diameters of 3.6 m, 4.2 m, 5.0 m a 5.5 m.
We have been manufacturing TROPIKO pool roofin since 2009.

TROPIKO FlexiFilter is an innovative, highly efficient filter for cleaning liquids and gases. Filtration is not limited by surface area, which quickly becomes clogged with traditional filters. Due to the deep filtration, the material absorbs impurities for a longer time and retains a far greater amount of them than traditional filter materials. Particles up to 0.010 mm in size, partially up to 0.003 mm and to a small extent even smaller are filtered out.
The FlexiFilter filter material is suitable as a replacement for conventional filter cartridges for cartridge filters.
FlexiFilter can be used in existing filter containers with sand filling. 25 kg of filter sand is fully replaced by only 0.3 kg of FlexiFilter 50.
The functionality of the FlexiFilter filter material was verified in 2019 at the Technical University of Liberec, Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovations in cooperation with Ing. Jakub Hrůza, PhD. and prof. RNDr. Oldřich Jirsák CSc.

We manufacture all products in the Czech Republic, on the territory of the European Union.
We offer all spare parts for TROPIKO roofing, and all products are therefore repairable from the start of production.
In the FlexiFilter product, at least 75% of the material is recycled, already used once.



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